boxParking Domain names can be very lucrative. I explain step by step how to do it, what are the best resources, and I have provided a FREE domain name generator. Check it out. Now you can even check the availability of domain names, with the domain name availability lookup (find it after the domain name generator).

If you were looking for valet tips or instructions on opening a parking lot, you're in the wrong place.

This site will guide you through the practice of Domaining. As the internet continues to expand in development and in its use, the real estate of the internet is becoming scarce and in demand. What the f am I talking about? Buying domain names, and then selling them to schmucks for a lot more than what you paid for them. Oh yeah, what does the parking have to do with anything? While you're waiting for someone to come along and buy your cleverly thought of domain name you "park" it at an advertising portal.

Dumb people don't use search engines and instead simply type what they are looking for in the address bar of the web browser. If they are looking for the same thing that you bought the domain name for, they will end up at your website unexpectedly. Here they will find dozens of advertisements. With no where to go they will click on one and you will make money. Now before you go crying about how this must be too technical for you to do, it's not. I'll take you step by step and show you how you can buy domains, park domains (to make some money while you wait) and then sell the domains for the real profit.

Lets try an example. Some ying yang went online and bought www.cellular.com for 10 bucks a couple of years back. Now it's worth XX million bucks! Are you kidding me. This ought to be easy to make a crap load of money then right? Wrong. There are a bunch of these domainers on the internet buying up hundreds of names each day. Some speculate that the entire English dictionary has already been taken up (one word domains are usually the best). So what the crap am I talking about? How can a couple of newbies get in the game so easily?

Combinations. When you combine a couple of words or more together you get a huge array of possibilities. Now before you jump for joy, a lot of these are already taken as well. I.E. www.cellularservice.com or www.cellularphones.com. So what isn't taken? www.thebestcellularserviceinthewoldthatisreallycheap.com. Yeah this one isn't f'n taken yet. Feel free to buy it, I'm sure you'll get a million stupid a's clicking on the link from my site and get a ton of traffic.

What isn't taken is all the same domains that are already taken but putting your po-dunk town's name in front of it. So www.lawyer.com was taken awhile back. But "yourtown"lawyer.com (insert your actual town's name for "yourtown") has not been taken. Maybe. Maybe it has already been taken, check the neighboring cities and any other city you can think of that would be a good domain name to have, and whalla. In many cases these domains are actually more valuable (to the right people) than general domains because the audience is more targeted. If I live in Texas, what the crap do I care about a lawyer in Ohio, I want a website with all the Texas lawyers, or even less broad, just the lawyers in my town.

Do you see where I'm going with this. There are actually a lot of very good domain names out there that have not been taken yet. Even if they are not the most sought after domains right now, maybe in a year or two they will be very valuable. Perhaps in a year or two the only relevant domain name left for a lawyer in your town will be thebesttownlawyerwhocanwinyourcase.com.

Oh yeah, one other caveat; you can't use anyone's name or trademark in your domain name. So generic as possible is always best. Don't be buying "yourtown"McDonalds.com that sh** won't fly.

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